Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A peaceful moment

The kids have been napping at the same time twice a day as of late. I should say, Camille is finally syncing up her schedule with Paul's. It's nice I finally get a "break". Sometimes I use the break to be somewhat productive, like spending the last two days compiling a scrapbook on shutterfly, which I got free with my pampers rewards (hey! Free coupon...that helps with one of my resolutions this year). Other times, I do less than productive things, like facebook surfing. I should do some dishes or laundry, but when I get a quiet minute, that's usually the last thing I want to do. I usually just want to read or nap, too! Now that the kids' schedules are allowing me these breaks, it would be good to work on a balance of fun & chores. It will be nice to have a more organized house and schedule again. Camille sleeps through the night, usually, but still goes to bed really late (11-12:00). Once we can get her to bed early, then it will really be nice. Well I guess I should use some of this free time to help get this house back in shape. Off to my chores!

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