Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My kids talk & tee-tee on the potty..they're turning into real people!

Over the last couple of months, Paul has finally decided to start talking!  The last few weeks, he's significantly increased the number of words he says and he even puts 2-3 words together, like "Daddy  Go" or his favorite "No! Mine!"..used mostly on Camille.  But, hey I guess we have to be glad he's talking.  Camille has also been repeating a lot of words and even communicating with words herself.  I can't even count how many words the kids use, things like Mommy, Daddy, Nanna, Papa, Meenee(for Mandy - that's Camille's word).  Paul says a lot of colors (purple, yellow, green, blue) and nouns like plane, car, cheese and Camille says puppy, apple, juice, cheese.  She also will say "more" and bring us her empty plate or cup.  She also will repeat what we say, like just now I said "That's Mommy's paper" and she said "paper" over and over.  There's a lot more words they use that I just can't think of right now.

On Sunday, we started to potty train Paul.  We have taken away his regular diapers and he wears either underwear or pull-ups.  For Sunday afternoon, Monday and Tuesday, we pretty much sat him on the potty every 15-20 minutes and most times he would tee-tee.  He still hasn't poo-pooed on the potty, just in his pull-up, but I hear that takes longer anyways.  Once, he started to tee tee in his underwear and then went quickly to the bathroom with me trailing and another time, he took himself.  Today he's at school for the first time since starting to potty train so we'll see how he does.  I am taking him today so he can pick out some big boy underwear for himself.  When I take Paul to the bathroom, I usually take Camille, too and set her on the little child potty while Paul sits on the regular potty.  She actually did tee-tee on it once each day and today, too.  I think she's starting to automatically go to the bathroom first before getting her diaper changed even if she doesn't quite grasp why.  

Those are the big milestones taking place right now, but I'll end this with a little story about Paul and one about Camille.  

Last night Paul was trying to be funny during story time at bed time and we were going through a picture book and naming all the objects and once we got to the page with the cheese on it, everything there after was cheese, too - the plane, the car, the kite, etc.  It was pretty funny and he was just laughing away.  
Camille has a favorite board book that has a different baby on each page and she'll bring it to us and flip through saying "baby" for each page which she's been doing for a while now.  Then yesterday, we were looking at a little 101 Dalmatians board book and she was flipping through it and saying "puppy" for each page.  It was super cute - she wasn't even guided to say it.  

Our kids are just too smart! :-)