Thursday, January 19, 2012

20 Bites To Go

In order to get Paul to eat, I usually follow him around with bites of food while he occupies himself with his toys. Ironically, it is often his & Camille's kitchen set and FAKE food that has him more interested than the real stuff. Now, you may wonder why I am not making him learn to sit at the table and properly eat. Well, he does know how to do this, and will for very short periods of time before losing interest in the mundane task of chewing & swallowing bites. But, to make it more peaceful for everyone, and to pretty much guarantee he will eat as much as I want him to, I let him play while eating. Ever watched A Christmas Story? Remember how the mother got her younger son to eat by letting him eat like a pig and snort and not use his hands? This is what us mothers do to make sure our babies stay well-fed. As long as he eats a good portion of his meals, I am happy.
This is where my personal game, "20 Bites To Go", comes in to play. At the beginning of the meal, I set a goal of how many bites I need to feed Paul, most often 20, and I count as I go. If I get all 20 bites down it means that I won my game and Paul has most likely eaten about 90% of his food, if not all of it. If he eats more, then great, if not, thats ok too. I know the game sounds silly and maybe like a lot of work for me, but it keeps us all happy, and that's really all that matters, right?

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