Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

I handwrote my resolutions out on New Year's Day and have been meaning to blog them. Here they are and how they're going so far...almost two weeks in to the year.

1. Read the Bible - yes sad but true, I have never read the Bible cover to cover. I hope this will help my spiritual growth and help me set a good example for my kids. I have been doing well with this one so far. I know I need to read about 3-3 1/2 pages per day to finish within the year and so far I am about 16 pages ahead on that.

2. Save $1,200 in coupons - this figures to $100 per month. So far this month I am at $33.25. I guess that's about right. I started couponing almost a year ago, but it's hard to keep up with when the kids have other plans for me during the day, besides clipping coupons. I hope now that they are a little older and can entertain themselves and each other, I can spend more time on this.

3. Read 50 books - reading was always important to me growing up and I want it to be important to my kids, so what better way to set the example? I am on my 3rd book of the year and will read roughly one per week. The Kindle app with free book downloads from amazon and the library make reading so much easier.

4. Eat salad twice a week - my veggie intake hasn't been the best, so I figured one of my resolutions should be for my overall health. So far, I have pretty much been eating salad twice a DAY! Hopefully I can keep it up.

Well there you have it, my 2012 resolutions. I made a spiritual one, a wealth one, a mind one and a health one! I will update later on to let you know how I'm doing.


  1. Hey, I found a new way to keep track of coupons that really helps me. I think I got it from Saving with Shellie. If you want it (and it might make life easier trying to use coupons with 2 little ones running around - I speak from experience), let me know, and I'll message it to you. Didn't want to take up a bunch of space in your blog comments in case you weren't interested.

  2. Ok why did I just now see this comment? I obviously don't know how to navigate my blog very well. Of course I would love the coupon help! If you ever see this message, even if it won't be for another four am so dense sometimes... by all means send me the info! Thanks!!