Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wrapping up 2011

Wow it's been a while since my last blog. I guess I should do a quick update on the kids.

Paul turned 2 on December 10 and we had a fun airplane themed party at home for him. It was mostly family and a couple close friends. We had little wooden airplanes for the guests to decorate with special wood markers and Tia made an airplane themed cake.

Camille turned 6 months old on December 16 and is now eating three "meals" a day and still nursing 7 times a day. Her meals are either baby oatmeal or rice cereal usually mixed with a mashed up fruit or vegetable. So far we haven't had to feed her any store-bought baby food or formula..been making our own food...and She typically wakes up around 8AM and goes to sleep by midnight...11PM when we are lucky.

Christmas has been a blast this year. We had my mom's family in town for NOLA Christmas 2011 the weekend before Christmas and the ladies even went to Windsor Court for high tea. We also did some Canal Place and Riverwalk shopping. We took a big family portrait at Lafreniere Park and Paolo was the photographer. We all contributed to a wonderful home-cooked Christmas feast with new twists on the classic holiday menu.

For Christmas Eve, we went to St. Michael special school with Paul's mom's family. Christmas morning, Paul and Camille got to see what Santa left for them. Paul got a workbench and Camille got a Leapfrog musical activity table. They also got a play kitchen set from Nanna and Papa. After prying Paul away from his gifts, by promising more gifts, we went to Tia and Pops' house for the Spear family Christmas (Paul's mom's family). Then after a nice afternoon rest, we went to Mama and Papa's house for the Perret family Christmas.

Unfortunately, all of these celebrations were followed by Baby Paul getting a fever & cold symptoms the night after Christmas and then an ear infection the next day. He is slowly getting better but as of today, still had a low fever, cough and runny nose. For the most part, this hasn't stopped him from being his usual self, so that's good. The nights have been the hardest though. This also marks the first time ever that Paul has had a fever and a major illness, and therefore the first trip to the doctor as a sick child. We are definitely blessed for that.

In happier news, today Camille and I attended our 2nd holiday ladies' tea of the year with the Spear women at Longue Vue Gardens in Old Metairie. It was a beautiful location and a lovely tea. There were 15 of us this year. Our group gets bigger every year. So fun!

In early January, will be having our final Christmas celebration with my Dad's family, when my sister Stephaie will be available from her pharmacist job. I will write about that one in my next blog. I am also working on my 2012 New Year's Resolutions/Goals and will post them soon, too.

Well, I guess that's a sufficient update for now. Good night, all.