Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kids Update June/July

As fast as my kids are growing and changing, I really need to be better at updating my blog about them.  I feel like they are almost new people since the last blog last month.

Camille is a lot more interactive and understands so much more now.  She even shakes her head no when we ask if she wants something (like more juice or snacks, etc).  Or she'll go to wherever it is that the thing is that she wants.  If she does want more juice, she walks right to the refrigerator.  She also says a variety of words - Mama, Dada, (Sometimes Mommy, Daddy), bubba, Meenee (That means Mandy), Pops, cracker (sort of), juh (for juice), and some others I am sure I'm leaving out.  She is still quite the little monkey and wants to climb on anything she can reach.  We are fearing some injury related ER trips in her future.  But, as strong as she is, I think she'll be some sort of really great athlete, too.  My guess is either soccer or gymnastics - time will tell I suppose.  While she is quite whiny at times, she is also very affectionate and will come to sit in our laps just to cuddle.  It's very sweet.  

Paul is finally really starting to come out with some new words.  He says the names of several colors (yellow, pink, blue) and says ball, bat, Tia, Mama, Dada (sometimes Mommy and Daddy), cheese, there's quite a few more, I just can't think of them all now that I am trying to list them.  He will also answer yeah and no to questions we ask - in words and sign language - his favorite response is, of course, NO.  LOL  He also makes a lot of sound effect noises for his actions - his favorite is "pa-kow"..that's right..not KA POW like most people would say..but his own take on the phrase.  He also says noises like psssheeww, for actions he tries to demonstrate or when he is make believing like with his airplanes and such.  He has also grown quite a bit these last couple months.  He's fitting in to 3T shirts and some 2T some 3T shorts.  He also still loves to take apart and figure out how everything works.  He also is getting really good at building with his mega blocks.  He makes a pretty good airplane all on his own.  His other hobby lately is working puzzles.  We have some old board puzzles from when I was his age and he figures them out in no time - even though the age on them is 3-6.

It's been a challenge this past year to have two kids under the age of two for a while, but now that Camille is a year old and can play by herself, it's getting a lot easier and more fun.  We have been on a few outings lately and they can both run around and have a good time.  They even play together at times.

Well, I'm getting distracted by the ones I am speaking of, so I must run - more updates in a month!