Monday, October 24, 2011

Yeah for free diapers, also for getting more skilled at dining out with kids

So, today I went to CVS and got two jumbo packs of diapers for I didn't steal them. CVS has a promotion where you buy 6 jumbo packs and get the 7th free, so one of them was my 7th pack. To pay for the other one, I used the remainder of a $10 CVS gift card I got previously for buying $30 worth of specified merchandise (in my case, diapers)and part of another $10 gift card I earned at the grocery for a similar promotion. Yeah for free money!
Tonight we decided to do a rare thing and take both kids out to dinner. Even if we weren't trying to save money by eating out less, we still wouldn't do it a lot because, well, as you can imagine, a restaurant isn't the ideal setting for two small children to entertain themselves.
But, as we were making our way to the sandwich restaurant where we were gonna order to-go, we passed by a new restaurant that is right by our house and has outdoor seating so we thought what the heck. It's a hamburger place called Cheeseburger Eddie's and the way it works is you stand in line, order, then find a seat and they bring out your food. So, Paul stood in line with Camille while I entertained P4 at the table, mostly by letting him lick salt and pepper off his hands that he got out of the shakers on the table (you do what you gotta do).
After a few minutes of this, I got out some pens and we colored and practiced writing/naming letters - I wrote & he named ("dada" for D, "mama" for M, etc). We also took a walk to and from the car once Paul and Camille got to the table. Then, Paul entertained P4 with his droid phone - they watched videos of us and played angry birds. I took Camille out of her carseat and dangled some toys in front of her while she grabbed and swatted at them. Our food came and I scarfed mine down while still holding Camille. Paul fed P4 bites of his while scarfing his down. Then when the two of us were done, we boxed up the rest of P4's to feed him at home and packed up our stuff and left. I put Camille in the car, Paul put P4 in the car, I passed him around the back of the car and grabbed the to-go box from him to hold in the car as we went to our sides of the car. Once we got home, we gave P4 a few more bites of dinner and then it was off to the bath and then bed time.
The reason I write about this restaurant trip is because of how well orchestrated it was. Paul and I took turns entertaining the babies, all of us ate, no one cried, and I am pretty certain we didn't interrupt any other patrons' dining experiences. This all adds up to a successful dinner out with kids and I am pretty darn proud of us for being able to accomplish that.


  1. Yay! Glad it went well for you guys. Even with our reasonably well-behaved child I can't imagine trying to do it with two that young. I am impressed!