Friday, October 21, 2011

A summary of baby and mommy's first 4 months

This description of baby's first 4 months applied to Paul as well, but with Camille being our new baby, she has reminded us how fun, and also trying, the early months can be.  But, each month gets you closer to the ultimate goal of a full night's sleep, and your old self, once again! 

Baby's description:

Month 1: eat, poop, cry, sleep sometimes when the mood strikes - not always at night and never for very long
Month 2: eat, poop, cry, smile, sleep occasionally, usually at night, not for very long
Month 3: eat, poop, cry, smile, coo, laugh, sleep every night, for at least half the night
Month 4: eat, poop, cry, smile, coo, laugh, grab toys or anything within reach, stand in the walker or exersaucer, sleep all night almost every night!

In summary, the more interactive and fun a baby becomes, the more she can wear herself out and give everyone better sleep!  :-)  

A mother's point of view of the first 4 months:

Month 1 "Do what it takes to survive" - who knows how we survived the first month - I can hardly remember it, which is ironic considering I spent more hours awake in this month than any other in my entire life.

Month 2 "Trying to feel like I have a normal life again" - now that I have a free minute every now and then, since baby now allows me to sit her in her bouncy seat for several minutes at a time, do I really have to spend it doing the dishes and laundry that piled up over the last month?

Month 3 "Ready to face the world again" - finally starting to lose the bags under the eyes and a good portion of baby weight

Month 4 "Hey, my clothes fit again!" - well mostly, minus the skinny jeans and tight tops (since there's still a bit of excess belly flab and as your upper arm muscles are bigger from carrying around baby for 4 months and your boobs are bigger from making baby's breakfast/lunch/dinner/5 other meals of the day)

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