Friday, October 28, 2011

found my old blog - also- blame me for Rangers' loss

So, today I found my old blog that I started almost exactly 5 years ago at and my blog title was strawberryprincess (a nickname Paul called me back in the day).  Apparently, I made one post saying that I got a blog so now I can comment on Paul's blog, which he had just started, too.  His last blog was 3 years ago, so yeah, apparently we once tried to blog and failed.  Hopefully, this time around, I stick with it and maybe Paul will write some more, too.  I linked my old account on to this blog, and I don't really know how it all ties together now, so if you see one of my old blog names on a blog or comment, you'll know it's me.


Ok, so it could be our fault the Rangers lost the World Series and I will tell you why.  If you didn't already know, when our children were born, it coincided with one of "our" teams winning a championship.  The year Paul was born, the Saints won the Super Bowl and the year Camille was born (that being only 4 months ago), the Mavericks won the World Championships.
So, since we already had our baby this year and another of our teams won a championship, unfortunately, that might have made the Rangers lose.  I am so sorry, you can blame us, if it makes you feel better.  Now, I would have LOVED to see them win, don't get me wrong, but if you needed someone to blame, you can blame us.

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