Friday, June 22, 2012

Kids Update - May-ish

I never wrote a May blog about the kids - so why not in late June?  Oh well...anyways, these kids sure are growing up and changing so fast!  I should really write a weekly blog about them, but seeing as I can't even manage a monthly one, I guess I'll just have to do my best with remembering everything that's been going on.

Let's start with Camille.  She just turned one year old this past Saturday and we had a Hawaiian Luau theme party at our house.  It was a lot of fun and she was just a running all around the place. One of her gifts, to share with Paul, was a "Lookout Treehouse" for the backyard.  It's a sturdy plastic climbing toy that has steps on one side, a slide on the other and a "tree" top that they sit under as well as a lookout periscope.  She can manage it quite well already.  She doesn't always sit before sliding, so she's surprised herself and fallen a little fast down the slide, but no major injuries. I figure the more she uses it, the better she'll get.
At her 12 month well baby check up this week, she weighed in at 18.2 lbs and she's 28 inches tall.  She's average for everything, except low on weight, but the doctor said no worries.  She's very active so I know she burns calories like crazy, which is why despite the incredible amounts of food she eats - sometimes  more than big brother - she's still little.
She's been talking and babbling more and more.  She says "hi" and "baby" and "mama/dada/bubba" and "mee-nee" meaning "Mandy" (our dog).  She also says "juh" meaning "juice".

Paul is coming around on the talking as well.  He now says "Tia" (as of yesterday in fact).  That is husband Paul's mother and she's thrilled to finally have a grandchild say her name!  She has always gone by "Tia" for her nieces and nephews, so just kept it for her grandmother name, just fyi.  He also says ball & ba (bat) and makes animal sounds, though doesn't say their actual names just yet.  He also says a lot of the first sounds of words like "ch" means cheese.  He is finally saying two word sentences every now and then, too, like "daddy go" or something.
His new favorite activity is jumping off of things.  He particularly likes the little stool in his room and it's only 6-8 inches or so off the floor and he has those big rubber puzzle piece mats so I feel a little safer when he jumps in there.  I try to encourage him jumping off of that versus the couch or something.
He is also quite the artist these days.  He just built his first model airplane this week and glued it together (with help from Mommy of course), but he actually did a lot of the painting and gluing himself so I was really proud of him, especially since it was a time-consuming project and one that took a few days so he had to be patient to get the plane together.

Paul and Camille are getting better at entertaining themselves and each other so I can actually do a chore or two while they run around and I know they won't get in to too much trouble - not usually anyways - haha

And one last story about the kids, I just love how they make me feel like an American Idol - it'll be the only time in my life when someone appreciates my singing.  I sing to them before I put them to sleep and in the car and they love it.  When both of them were babies and would get fussy in the car, and even now for Camille, I just start singing to them and it calms them right down.  And believe me, I am no American Idol - LOL - but since I am one of the only people they have ever heard sing, they don't know any better and I eat it up because I know it'll be my only chance to be someone's American Idol.  haha

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