Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Big milestones for the kids lately

A week ago yesterday, Paul gave up his pacifier!  It was unexpected for all of us and we used the "cold turkey" method, but it worked..woo hoo!  He never uses it at nap time at school and wants it at home, usually just to chew on, or when he's sleeping.  He doesn't really need it, so we knew it was getting close to time for him to give it up.  We were going to put the nail biting stuff on it and tell him when he's old enough it's gonna taste bad and then he'd have a signal to know it was time to get rid of it.  However, it didn't quite work that way.  What actually happened was that I was out running an errand with Camille and husband Paul couldn't find the pacifier so he convinced Paul to try and sleep without it, which he's had to do in the past once or twice.  He agreed, but then I got home and told Paul I knew where it was, but since it was all chewed up and Paul had already agreed to try and sleep without it, I didn't get it for him.  So, with a bit of reluctance, he went to sleep without it.  The only thing he wanted instead was for one of us to stay in his room until he went to sleep.  Usually, we read 3 books, sing a song and leave, but without his security pacifier, he needed security from us, I guess.  The next few times he went to sleep pretty much went the same way, but lately, we haven't had to stay in the room 'til he falls asleep and he hasn't asked for it since the 2nd day without it.  We are so proud!  Next step - potty training!  Which leads me to Camille's big milestone...

Yesterday, we put them both on the potty before bath time, which is what we've been trying to get in the habit of doing the past few days, and Camille went tee-tee on the little potty!  It was her first time going - usually she wants to get off right away and doesn't seem to understand what the potty is for, but this time she actually used it!  It was pretty cool.  Today she didn't, but that's OK.  I think she'll still be easier to train than Paul.  At least I hope so! :-)

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