Sunday, May 13, 2012

Way late April New Year resolution/kids update

Ok so this is over a week late, but sometimes that just happens, what can ya say. I will start with my New Year Resolutions update. 1. Salad 2x/wk - still going strong..usually eat salad daily 2. Coupons ($100/month goal) - I am already over $640, so that one is going good 3. Read 50 books - I have completed 14 and am currently reading 3, so I a not sure if that means I am behind or still on track. 4. Read the Bible - well, this one has been a bit tough because I've just been a bit lazy this month, so I won't say just how far behind I am, but I hope to catch up this month on this and my book reading. Kids update Camille - my beautiful little girl, who gets more beautiful everyday, can be described as of late with one word - fearless! This girl is such a little monkey & dare devil! She climbs on and off of everything, like the dishwasher when its opened, or up a staircase if no one is watching. I am surprised there haven't been some major injuries. Yes, we watch her constantly, but she is fast and can get places before we even realize. She is really something else, and quite strong for not even being 11 months old yet. She is also talking more. She learned how to say hi two days ago and she will try to repeat other words or at least babble the same amount of syllables of whatever the word is. Paul - he is doing quite well in school and even went to play when I dropped him off last Thursday without getting sad when I left. He is a sweet big brother, usually - haha, and helps a lot with Camille. He gives her snacks or her drink if she gets fussy and they have started to play together a little bit, too. He now says his own name, it sounds more like "pouwl", but at least he is attempting to talk more. He also says "bat" and "back". Where he lacks in speaking, he makes up for with sign language. He learns signs at school and has been responding to us with yes and no in sign language so thats pretty cool. I am pretty sure he has tried to say other things to me with signs, I'm just not sure what they mean...maybe I should go to school with him and learn the signs, too! Short update, but hey at least I finally wrote something! More from here in a couple weeks!

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