Sunday, April 1, 2012

New Year's Resolution Update March

March was a pretty good month for my resolutions.

1. Bible - still 10 pages behind...ugh, gotta catch up with this one!  Actually, I guess that means I read enough for this month, but didn't make up last months pages that I was behind on.

2. Salad - definitely have been meeting my 2x a week goal - a lot of times I have 2 a day!

3. Books - I've read 13 books so far (out of my goal of 50), so just over 1/4 done - right on track

4. Coupons - March - $167.78 Total 2012 - $442.85 - totally killing this one!  (My goal is $100/month) :-)  I will say, a large chunk of coupons, like $75 or so, this month were on a big toy sale at Target - I got several board games and toys for really cheap that I will use over the next few birthdays/Christmases for the kids.  But, I got such great steals I had to stock up.  For example, I got the full size board games of Chutes and Ladders, Candyland and Memory all for $1.79 EACH!  Crazy!  I got Battleship for $5 along with some other great deals.

See you next month!

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