Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"Cheese Criminal" ... a Wal-Mart rant

So, there are many reasons why I despise Wal-Mart, unfortunately the one reason I like it - that being the obvious fact that they are the cheapest grocer around - tends to outweigh all other reasons for not shopping there.  So, unfortunately, I begrudgingly drag myself there each week for groceries, sometimes more than once in a week.  It seems it's inevitable that something will go wrong each time I go, yet, I just can't see spending more money some place else when Wal-Mart is maybe only a mile or two further from the house than our local grocer.

It seems most of the problems arise when I am using coupons.  I typically try to shop with some coupons when I go to the grocery, and today was no exception.  I haven't mastered saving 95% at the grocery, but hey $10-15 bucks off is nothing to scoff at.  So, today I ring up my items in the self check-out line and go to scan my coupons and my third coupon doesn't scan.  It's for $1 off a pack of extra sharp cheddar cheese slices.  So the older lady who watches over the self check-out lanes comes and takes my coupon from me and tries to look up the item on her computer to see if it's on my ticket.  She says she can't find it and wants to see the actual item.  So, I give it to her and she compares it to the coupon and I say "I got the sharp cheddar" (the coupon was for various types listed) and she said "The coupon says it's for extra sharp cheddar".  Oh, I'm sorry, I left off the "extra" in my description, so sue me.  So then another, younger, lady comes over to look and she prints out a copy of my ticket in which I have to point out to her that I did indeed scan the cheese before putting it in my cart.  Obviously, I'm not going to try to steal cheese and then try and use a coupon on it! (Hence the name of this post - cheese criminal).
Oh, and while this is taking place, the older lady then proceeds to tell me that I didn't scan the big bag of dog food that was under my cart.  I told her, yes, I did, I scanned it and then put it back under the cart and clicked the "do not bag" option on the screen.  She says this isn't on my ticket either...geez...really, do you think I'd try and sneak some free cheese (while attempting to use a coupon) and dog food or what?  Luckily the younger lady got everything cleared up for me and I was free to go, with my completely paid-for (minus coupon savings) groceries!

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  1. See...I can't use the Self-Checkout lane. Every time I do it all just seems to go pear-shaped.