Friday, November 18, 2011

Camille:5 months, Paul:23 months

Well, I just wanted to update my neglected blog with a quick summary of how much the kids are growing.

Camille turned 5 months old on Wednesday of this week and she's made so many changes over just the last couple of weeks.  She can now sit up on her own for several minutes at a time and can roll around from belly to back and vice versa.  She is also trying various solid foods now.  She started at four months old with rice cereal. Then, each week after the first week of that, we added a food to it.  So far she's tried bananas, avocados and sweet potatoes.  She's also had a couple of "Mum Mum" crackers.  They are basically baby rice crackers that dissolve in the mouth.  She feeds those to herself.  She will also hang out in her walker or exersaucer for sometimes up to 20 minutes at a time, which is a nice break for me and Paul since we don't have to carry her around all the time anymore.  She's getting so grown up!

Paul is approaching 2 years old (3 weeks to go) and boy is he acting more like a "terrible 2" each day.  haha  Actually, he has some awfully cute moments and some just plain awful moments, too.  He's getting so smart and understands everything we say, even if we're not talking to him.  He picks up on everything, so much, that I have started spelling words out so he doesn't know that we're talking about him.  Only a matter of time before that doesn't work anymore.  He still isn't talking, but he is saying more "words" and makes up signs for things that he wants to communicate.   He also now communicates when he's upset with those wonderful temper tantrums that start at this age.  I usually don't get mad when it happens, because, truthfully it's hard not to laugh at him when some tiny thing frustrates him and he starts rolling around on the floor in agony about whatever it is.  The things that cause these outbursts didn't used to affect him at all, so I know he's just being dramatic.  It usually happens when he can't figure out how to do something all by himself and doesn't want help with it.

But, for each occasional outburst, there are always many cute things he does to make up for them.  He is being such a sweet big brother to Camille and she just adores him, too.  If she is upset, he'll try to comfort her or give her her pacifier.  He's getting better about sharing toys - still a work in progress, but he's learning.   Camille loves to watch him and sometimes if she gets upset and he comes in the room, or where she can see him, she calms right down.

Well, that's the update for now.  I guess I should get back to Camille, whose 20 minutes are almost up in the exersaucer and she's starting to let me know it's time for me to entertain her again. :-)

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