Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My big kids

Wow, it's been a while since I've blogged. Time to update on my kids!

Paul is now 4 1/2 years old. In November, he tested in to Airline Park Academy for Advanced Studies where he will begin attending in August in PreK-4. I think he's looking forward to big-boy least I hope he is. He finishes up at Kinder Haus this summer and I'll be sad that he isn't there anymore when I am working. But, his new school is practically right down the street. Maybe I can spy on him at my lunch time. (ha-ha) His speech is improving each day. He understands everything and knows how to say mostly everything, especially if he really thinks about it. But, he's used to mispronouncing some sounds so now he does it mostly out of habit I think. But, if we repeat the word and have him say it slowly, he usually gets it right. His best friend is Conner, who started at Kinder Haus last fall, but he isn't attending anymore, as he'll be in Kindergarten in the fall. We hope to have playdates with him this summer.

Camille just started in the Pre-K class at Kinder Haus, so she and Paul will be in class together for the summer. She has two best friends, Mila and Charley, and talks about them all the time. For that matter, she's always talking about something. Her speech is nearly perfect and she usually never misses a chance to repeat something we've said - which isn't always a good thing! Gotta watch what we say now! Camille is also now sleeping in a big-girl twin bed, complete with princess sheets, as of about 2 weeks ago and as of a few nights ago, she is now diaper or pull-up free at nights! She has slept a few nights with no accident and a couple of nights with accidents, so we aren't 100% yet, but she is doing great! She can even go to the potty and turn on and off the water by herself now!

This past weekend we went to the Inn by the Sea for the annual Spear family beach trip and boy are Paul and Camille little water babies! They LOVED the ocean and the pool. It was great fun and everyone got a great tan but me - ha-ha!

Well, back to my Montessori studies - I will be finished in the beginning of August and will be Montessori Age 3-6 Certified through North American Montessori Center. Not sure where that will bring me next in my career path, but for now I'm happy working 3 days a week still at Kinder Haus.

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