Thursday, December 6, 2012

It's almost Christmas and I don't think I've written since the summer!

So, it's been a while...

Let's start with Camille - She is one smart little cookie!  She will repeat nearly every word that we say if we ask her to.  She also "reads" a lot of her board books to us.  That is, she points out the pictures and says what the objects or people are.  For example, she will say "mermaid" for Ariel in the Little Mermaid book, she'll say "Nemo" for Nemo or any other sea animal for that matter, she even says "Eugie" for Snow White - Eugie is one of her aunts and she is absolutely tickled pink that Camille has (on her own) associated her with the Disney princess.  Camille also will go through her ABC animal book and name animals in there by herself - even ones like Moose and Newt.  She is also doing well learning to drink out of an open-top cup (and glass) and sometimes eats with utensils - but usually just her hands - which is OK too - at least she pretty much feeds herself now.  Also, she will answer questions, too - even if she doesn't know the answer - in which case she'll put her hands up in the "I don't know" manner.  It's so cute.  She is really becoming a "real" person, so to speak.  She will get things that we ask her to go get - like her shoes, for example.  She also enjoys brushing her teeth.  One of the biggest changes lately is that on October 16, her 16 month birthday, we stopped nursing!  She's strictly on "real" food now!  She eats well if she's in the mood, but we do give her her daily Poly-Vi-Sol vitamin drop just like we did for Paul at that age.  

Speaking of Paul - it's time for an update on him.  He's becoming quite the big boy these days.  He is talking up a storm - he'll say 3-4 words at at time or even more sometimes.  He's not always perfect on pronunciation, but we can usually tell what he is trying to say - which is a long way from where he was just a few months ago, when he didn't want to talk.  He is in a "Superman" phase currently and even calls himself "Paul du-ka-doo" in the theme song for Superman goes "du - ka - dooo - dooo - du - ka - dooo - doo - du - ka - doo - doo - doo - doo" at least in his interpretation - so that's why he calls Superman "du-ka-doo".  He hasn't mastered the actual word "superman" yet - but he's getting there.  He is also in to trucks of all kinds and Bob the Builder.  He loves seeing construction sites and trucks on the road and learning about what each of them does.  He is also FULLY potty trained!  The only help he needs is turning on and off the bathroom light and wiping for #2.  The rest, he can do himself.  We started training right before the school year this year in Mid-August and he's really picked up on it fast.  He even goes at school without any problem.

And on the topic of school - the biggest change around here is that Camille and I are now joining Paul at school!  We all go to Kinder Haus now on Monday, Wednesday and Friday!  Camille is in the Toddler class, Paul is in the Preschool class, and I work at the front desk from 8:30-11:30 on MF and from 8:30-3:00 on W.  I don't make quite enough to cover Camille's tuition, but that's okay.  It's fun for us all to be there together and for Camille and me to get out of the house.  This just started right before Thanksgiving and is going well so far.  Paul cried the first time I came in his room while I was working because I think he wasn't quite used to it even though I had explained it to him.  But, now he's fine and I think (or hope) he likes that I am there when he is.

While I am not working, I attempt to get crafting done and have started some new projects I will soon post about in my crafting blog at once they are complete - and once I give them to their owners at Christmas.  

Well, that's a quick summary for now - hopefully I write again before the new year - I know I've been slacking lately!  

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